Long Term Care

Understanding Long Term Care Insurance

Long term care insurance is supposed abbreviated as LTC insurance. This coverage is designed for people, usually over the age of 65, who need help with daily living activities. The plans provide resources to pay for nursing home stays, home health support, or adult day care expenses.

How to Use this Coverage

This policy helps pay expenses related to long term medical care. Claims are submitted when the policyholder needs long term assistance with basics such as bathing, taking medication, or eating. The policyholder must have a legitimate reason for needing this assistance.

Who Needs It?

People use this coverage when they need long term care. Most often it’s elderly people using this policy, but younger people might need help as well. The policy eases the burden of having to struggle to pay for much-needed medical care. This is a great relief to the policyholder as well as friends and family.


There are several benefits of this insurance. Most importantly, there’s the peace of mind of knowing you’ll have financial help to pay for your care. It means you may have the chance to receive at-home care instead of living in a facility. It also alleviates financial and emotional stress on your family.

Types of Coverage

Individual plans provide benefits for one person. But joint plans provide benefits to spouses, partners, or other related individuals. You can buy a policy from the private insurance market. But if it’s included with your job benefits, then that’s probably the best option. Many employers offer long term insurance as part of workplace benefits. It’s not necessary, but it’s recommended to make long term care insurance part of your retirement planning.



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