Auto Insurance

Auto insurance is required by most states. It’s for the protection of the driver and everyone on the road. You’ll need liability, but you might also want to add additional coverage. But liability coverage is the least you can get away with without having additional coverage.

Liability is for when you’re at fault for an accident. You might have to pay damages, medical bills, and more for the other driver or drivers in the accident. You might also have to pay expenses for passengers or pedestrians, if they are hurt in the accident. You can also get collision coverage. This covers repairs to your vehicle if you collide with any object other than a vehicle.

You’ll have to pay a deductible before the insurer pays its part. So if your deductible is $500, that means you’re responsible for paying $500 of your expenses. Only after that will the insurer help.

Comprehensive is the best coverage, as it covers several things. But it’s also the most expensive type of coverage. Comprehensive is good for vandalism, theft, hail damage and more. There is also a deductible, just like with other forms of coverage.

There are also other services included with some auto insurance policies. Roadside assistance is available with almost all auto policies. This is helpful because you’ll get assistance if your car breaks down or catches a flat.

Auto insurance is not only required, it’s a wise investment. Auto repairs and accidents can cost a lot of money. It helps to have assistance from an insurer.