Meet Our Team

Svetlana Forkin


Svetlana Forkin is president of the F&N Insurance Group and VC Auto Sales.

VC Auto goes out to a used car dealer where you do something called buy here pay here (car finance), and F&N Insurance Group acts as the insurance agency.

VC Auto Sales was founded in 2012 among President Svetlana’s functions to buy-sell cars and finance them. VC Auto Sales is among the best-used car dealers in Homestead. It is a family business since parents work with her in this business.

F&N Insurance Group was founded in 2016, for a need in the car agency to speed up the car sales process. It started with an insurance company and one single person. Today, it has more than 30 insurance companies and four locations in Homestead, Orlando, Doral, Brickell in Miami. The team is planning to open more soon.

What Svetlana loves more about her current position is to be able to help people save money and be protected. Everyone needs insurance, but many don’t know what exactly they are buying when they purchase a policy. She believes that it is essential for agents to take the time to explain to their customers the benefits of insurance. That is exactly what you will find at the F&N Insurance Group.

Before embarking on the world of business, Svetlana was dedicated to doing laser hair removal, beauty, and aesthetic treatments. She was born in Maracay, Venezuela.


Vanessa Forkin


I entered the insurance industry recently this year.  It has been a wonderful experience to see that being here I can help so many people with what I do.

I was born in MATURIN a beautiful city in Venezuela, there I did my professional studies obtaining the title of industrial engineer, I worked for some time in my profession at the same time that I was an activist and defender of human rights.

I like being able to be in constant contact with different people especially with my clients, to be able to explain any questions that may arise, to help and advise them at all times.

I  really enjoy spending quality time with my family, and when I talk about my son who is my greatest pride I can’t stop talking about him.

When I’m not working, I’m sure I will be with my husband and my son enjoying a good movie at home or at the cinema, or in a fun park having fun as children.

I love to eat chocolates and I don’t like to share them, and I really like to make extravagant meals.

I  am an active human rights fighter and whenever I can I voluntarily attend any event that takes place for this cause.

Angie Amato


I grew up in Venezuela, studied Business Administration and specialized in Human Resources Management.

I have always had a vocation for service that is why I am excited to work as an insurance advisor because I can be an important part of the lives of many, taking into account that with good advice their assets and their lives will be well protected. I think that in the world of insurance there is a lack of humanization in dealing with the insured, we are dealing with people, not only with numbers and statistics, we must understand their needs and give them a kind treatment, understanding that we all have different characteristics and with this we can offer a service according to each of our client.

I enjoy spending time at home with my husband, having his company, being able to be free to choose what I want, walking and I really enjoy dogs having a pet.

I have many topics to talk about any that I love! The cinema, a good TV series, I really like neurolinguistic programming, and obviously the study of personalities.

When I’m not at the office, you can find me at my house cooking and watching a good movie or maybe a good restaurant in some new place.

My guilty pleasures would be the world of makeup and cooking. Those are things that I enjoy doing when I’m not an insurance consultant.